Industrial Products

Soft water means easier cleaning, longer equipment life and even reduce your water heating costs. Perfect for hotels.

Purify water, reduce contaminants and a spot-free rinse.  Perfect for restaurants.

Great for schools and commercial buildings for providing fresh, clean drinking water.

SFS_SKS EWS_CommlRO commercial business water purifier drinking and cooking water alaska ecowater

Chlorine taste and odor removal, sediment removal and other contaminants if needed.

EcoWater is a leading-edge commercial and industrial water treatment equipment manufacturer.  We design and manufacture commercial and industrial water treatment systems for schools, hotels, apartments, health care facilities, manufacturers and other higher volume water users needing high-quality water.  We continually invest in research and development to provide our customers with the most efficient, innovative, and environmentally friendly products and technology on the market.

Our modular design approach gives us the flexibility to custom design systems with standard components that meet a wide range of commercial and industrial water treatment applications.  With a water treatment system from EcoWater, you’ll save on energy, operating expenses, plumbing repairs, and general maintenance.  Plus, your EcoWater Pro will be available for your business’ water treatment service needs.

Alaskan businesses we work with for the best water for consumer or industrial needs...

Schools and Colleges
Government Buildings
Hotels and Hospitality
Car Wash
Farming and Greenhouse