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Iron and Manganese

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Iron in Water

Iron is everywhere and makes up 5 percent of the earth’s crust. But it shouldn’t be in your water. You can tell it’s there if it has a metallic taste and smell. If you notice rust-like stains on your drains and water-using appliances, iron is most likely the culprit.

Your water can contain 1 of 2 different types of iron contamination:

  1. Ferrous iron contamination is clear to the eye when it’s coming out of the faucet. After it settles in a toilet bowl or glass, it turns red or brown.

  2. Ferric iron contamination tints your water to a yellowish red as soon as it comes out of the faucet. It’s also known as “red water iron”.

Iron contamination begins during water’s natural cycle. When water passes over iron-bearing rocks — 5 percent of the earth’s crust — iron contaminants are carried all the way through the treatment process and into your home.

Iron contamination can affect the function of everyday items from showerheads to kitchen sink faucets. Iron collects at the mouth of faucets causing them to clog. Iron also clogs pipes, making your plumbing inefficient which means higher energy bills.

A specialty filter and/or a water softener is the best solution for iron contamination in your water. Alaska EcoWater System experts can identify the problem for you and make sure you pick the most effective solution.

magenese in water Alaska EcoWater


Manganese is 1 of the 2 culprits behind hard water. It’s an essential mineral and occurs naturally in soils and rocks. Nature and humankind need this mineral to exist, but high volumes of it can be unhealthy.

Manganese concentrations are measured in parts per million. If manganese is higher than 0.5 ppm, your water may start tasting metallic and leaving behind brownish stains around your home’s sinks. If your water comes from a private well, concentrations of this water contaminant could be as high as 3 ppm. This is going to quickly discolor any appliance that uses water.

Because manganese collects in water naturally, a water softener can be the solution you need for this contaminant.

Unfortunately, if manganese levels are too high, it will start discoloring your water right out of the faucet. You will need a more effective solution if this occurs. Our Alaska EcoWater experts can help you find the filtration system to dramatically reduce the manganese level in your home’s water.

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