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Hydrogen Sulfide

Drinking water smells could be bad levels EcoWater Systems water purification home treatment systems and drinking water filters

Smell rotten eggs in your water?


Hydrogen sulfide has infiltrated your water. There are 2 ways this could have happened. First, you need to know where hydrogen sulfide is created.


This pungent gas arises from naturally decaying organic matter, like the remains of dead plants or animals and their waste products. The gas isn’t released until it reaches a liquid state, whether that’s through sewage, hot springs or liquid manure. It can also be extracted from petroleum products.


If you have ever wondered ”why does my water heater smell?” — it’s hydrogen sulfide gas. This is the first-way hydrogen sulfide gets in your water. An obvious sign you need to service your water heater is if your home’s hot water smells like sulfur.


If traces of the gas exist in your cold water, the hydrogen sulfide is coming to life in corroding pipes that carry water into your home. This can be an expensive fix. Before you break the bank, contact our water experts so they can find the right filtration system that will kick this pungent odor.

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