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chlorine in Alaska water

Chlorine in Your Water

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Chlorine has a very distinct smell. If you have ever gone swimming in a public pool or sat in a hot tub, the water has a notable smell because of the presence of chlorine.


Many household cleaning products like bleach also carry this odor.  Pool water smells like chlorine for good reason. The chemical is a disinfectant. Chlorine ensures there are no bacteria floating in the water that could potentially hurt those enjoying the pool.


Adding low amounts of chlorine to drinking water is done for the very same reason. The Environmental Protection Agency allows certain levels of chlorine in water at city treatment centers so when the water reaches your home, it’s bacteria-free.

Many of these facilities use chloramines, which are a combination of chlorine and ammonia. However, too much of this contaminant can make your water smell and taste unappealing. It can also irritate your eyes and skin, especially for those suffering from eczema.

The best solution for removing chloramines is finding a water filtration system that works for your home. Our water experts can pinpoint the exact system for your chlorine problem by testing your water.

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