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Nitrates in water Alaska EcoWate

High Nitrate Levels

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Nitrates are vital for our food supply. They appear in fertilizers which help farmers by replenishing the soil after a long crop-growing season. But these same nitrates that help the Alaskan soil recover are toxic when they directly enter the food chain. This happens when nitrate run-off soaks into our water supply.


Due to its extensive use in agricultural and rural communities, nitrate water contamination occurs more often in towns next to expansive farmlands. Irrigated water containing fertilizer is usually the driver for contamination. Nitrates can enter surface and groundwater sources just as easily as sediment.

Plants respond well to nitrates in fertilizer. Humans have the opposite response with ailments including:

  • Organ failure

  • Delayed development in children

  • Reproductive system issues


If you live in a rural area that’s been hit with nitrate water contamination, it could be expensive and take a long time to fix. Contact our water experts if you’re worried about nitrate contamination so they can test your home’s water and guide you to the right filtration solution.

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