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Cloudy Water and Sediment

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When you pour a glass of water, what do you see?


Are there bubbles forming and quickly going away after you set the glass down? Or does a cloud linger for a few minutes before the water finally settles and becomes clear?


If your water acts more like the latter, sediment is present in your water. The cloudiness is caused by dirt or other inorganic matter finding its way into private wells or by run-off into a water supply before reaching a water treatment facility.


These contaminants can lead to plumbing issues down the road if left untreated. The sediment builds up in pipes and drains, stopping the flow of water. The more the sediment collects, the harsher it becomes on clothes and water-using appliances.


You can remove sediment from your water by asking our water experts how bad the contamination is, and then finding the right filtration solution for your home.

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