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ETF 2300 SC10 Series


The EcoWater ETF2300SC10 Upflow Chlorine Taste and Odor Filter provided filtered water throughout your entire home.

Features of the ETF2300SC10

  • Coconut-Shell Carbon – Filters the water throughout the home without compromising water flow. Removes chlorine taste and odor and eliminates the need for separate carbon filter changes.

  • Up-flow Design – Up-flow service simplifies product design and operation (less service required).

  • By-pass Valve – Allows for easy maintenance and servicing.

  • Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Tank with Limited Lifetime Warranty – Durable; doesn’t deteriorate, rust, or corrode.

  • Distributors – Distributors exhibit excellent flow rates.

  • No Electricity – Simplifies installation, maintenance and reduces electrical hazards.

  • No Salt or Added Chemicals Needed – Uses environmentally friendly “green” technology for areas with water or brine-discharge restrictions.

  • Zero Waste Water – No backwashing required and zero discharge.

Hard to solve problems need the best, and these are the units you will want for the job.

Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal water supply, one thing is clear, the water in every home is unique. Older pipes, a water main break, and even the distance your water travels before it reaches your home can introduce additional contaminants into the water you consume. A water test is necessary to learn if your home’s water has some additional issues that need treatment. EcoWater has designed and engineered a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art filters considered to be the best on the market to deal with households with water contamination issues. Easy to see contaminants such as iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide can be eliminated by using our iron water filter system. We have found undetectable contaminants such as arsenic, microbiologicals and pharmaceuticals in homes before, and our hydrogen sulfide water filter provides the perfect solution if these contaminants were found. Whether you’ve noticed one indication or several, or whether you haven’t noticed a problem but you want to find out for sure, an EcoWater Pro can perform an easy and comprehensive in-home water analysis and has access to professional water chemistry labs. Contact your local EcoWater Pro for a free water test and learn about the water in your home, and to get a solution customized to meet your needs.

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